History of Wnt meetings

Over the years, an informal series of meetings on Wnt signaling, called "The Wnt meeting" has been organized at several locations. These meetings have grown in attendance, from an initial small group in 1991 to more than 300 participants in 2009. Presentations are short and typically given by students or postdocs. Few or any speakers are invited. The atmosphere has always been lively and interactive. In addition, more formal meetings on Wnt-beta-catenin signaling have been organized in other contexts, such as Keystone meetings, or "European Wnt meetings". Here a list of "The Wnt meeting" in the past and a picture of the 1991 meeting.


When Where Organizers
1991 UCSF, San Francisco Harold Varmus, Roel Nusse (see picture below)
1995 NIH, Bethesda Harold Varmus, Roel Nusse
1996 Stanford Harold Varmus, Roel Nusse
1998 Harvard

Norbert Perrimon Andrew McMahon, Roel Nusse

1999 Stanford Roel Nusse, Jeff Axelrod
2001 MSKCC, New York Harold Varmus, Tony Brown, Jan Kitajewski
2004 Univ Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ken Cadigan, Eric Fearon

2007 UCSD, La Jolla

Karl Willert, Tony Wynshaw-Boris, Catriona Jamieson

2009 Georgetown, Wash DC Aykut Uren, Yingzi Yang, Jeff Rubin
2011UCLA, Los AngelosTim Lane
:First Wnt Meeting