: Issue 1 - Volume 1 (Available 4-16-2015)

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Organizational Theory in Education!  We have decided to coincide the publication of our issues around the meeting dates of AERA and UCEA.  Our inaugural issue presents the thinking of Diana Pounder, Karen Seashore-Louis, Bob Johnson, Jr., Tony Bush, Ronald Heck, William Firestone, and Richard Scott - scholars who have integrated organizational theory and education throughout their careers. With this special set of essays, we launch the journal and encourage you to use it as a vehicle to advance scholarship and the teaching and learning of organizational theory in education.  An announcement will be forthcoming in mid-to-late May 2015 as to how you can submit for our next issue, which will be available in mid-November.  We hope you enjoy our first issue and look forward to future submissions from a multitude of scholars interested in advancing the study of organizational theory.