Stanford Historical Society


  • Received 3-year grant funding from President, Provost, and Packard Foundation to increase the pace and scope of oral history work and hire a half-time professional
  • Allison Tracy, new SHS Oral Historian, arrived on April 16, 2012 – previously at University of Nevada Oral History Program, master’s degree in oral history from Columbia
  • Expanded SHS oral history advisory committee; confirmed criteria, priority lists, and interview formats
  • High priority interviews of long-time faculty (and some others) proceeding full speed ahead with help of 20 active volunteers
  • University Archivist Daniel Hartwig now providing streaming audio of SHS interviews as they are deposited (transcripts to be forthcoming)
Susan Schofield
May 25, 2012

For more information, go to the Society’s Oral History page.