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Jan 28th, 2011
| 04:33 PM

In addition to the Tuesday’s release of California’s below-average performance in the sciences on the National Assessment of Educational Progress  (NAEP)  results , as reported by the San Bernardino Sun, there were several...

Jan 26th, 2011
| 11:58 AM | Assessment & Accountability

Bill Tierney and Lisa Garcia have a new article on-line that reviews the findings and implications of their study of Early Assessment Program (EAP) implementation in Los Angeles.  (The study can be found here; for background information click...

Jan 25th, 2011
| 11:08 PM | Teachers

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and a raft of supporters in the foundation world fervently want to replace the tried-and-true teacher salary schedule with pay-for-performance schemes.  They should be careful of what they wish for.
The idea seems straightforward: Replace raises conditioned on years of service and education beyond the minimum required for a teaching license with conspicuous...