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Jan 21st, 2011
| 04:15 PM

As mentioned in last week’s blog post  “The California State Budget Proposal,” Governor Brown’s January 10th budget proposal intends to cut $400 million from the California Community College (CCC)  system, and $500 million each from the California State University  (CSU) system and the University...

Jan 21st, 2011
| 04:03 PM | Teachers

An upcoming issue of the Economics of Education Review will have several papers originally prepared for the...

Jan 19th, 2011
| 02:42 PM | Teachers

Alan’s post illuminates some of the critical but vexing questions that surround the evaluation of individual teachers, but it also casts light on the current policy controversy surrounding the question of what it means to be a “highly qualified” teacher.  The controversy has arisen in light of a recent act of Congress...