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Jan 16th, 2011
| 01:14 AM | Finance

The initial California state budget proposal   was released last Monday. The proposal, as...

Jan 14th, 2011
| 04:13 PM |

Last Monday, Bill Honig stepped down from his appointed position on the State Board of Education, according to the Contra Costa Times   and the Thoughts on Public Education  blog, due to “complications” during his...

Jan 11th, 2011
| 01:21 PM | Governance

John Deasy deserves the welcoming he is getting as superintendent of the nation’s second largest school district.  He should savor the moment; he’ll need it.
The public and private speculation about Deasy concerns whether he is really a “reformer,” whatever that means, what deals he has cut with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa or the Gates Foundation, or whether United Teachers...