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Mar 31st, 2011
| 02:52 PM | Finance

The recent release of the Interim Status Report on the financial health of districts can’t be surprising to anyone. 13 districts received a negative certification, meaning the...

Mar 30th, 2011
| 11:06 AM | School & District Reform

Rekha Balu is a doctoral student at Stanford.  In the course of her dissertation research she conducted a survey of school district financial officers, in which she asked them what strategies they have considered to smooth financial turbulence in the current fiscal crisis in California.  The responses were interesting, but one in particular caught my attention:  none of the districts that responded to her...

Mar 28th, 2011
| 04:09 PM |

During the past two weeks, the Brown administration has made some progress in achieving its budget plan. On Friday, as reported by the L.A. Times, The Sacramento Bee,...