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Mar 23rd, 2011
| 02:12 PM | School & District Reform

Cross-posted from Thoughts on Public Education.
For the first time since the eclipse of the LEARN reforms at the turn of the millennium, Los Angeles has hosted a broad scale education summit designed to bring the city together around support for public education.  “There had been a lot of what I...

Mar 22nd, 2011
| 02:22 PM | Post Secondary Education

Cross-posted on Thoughts on Public Education.
John Fensterwald’s post on the Long Beach Promise offers a nice illustration of how a system of post-secondary education...

Mar 18th, 2011
| 02:57 PM | School & District Reform

 “If two people are alike, one of them is unnecessary.” 
                                        —A handmade sign I saw in a classroom
I used to startle whenever I...