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Mar 8th, 2011
| 02:39 PM

As the month of March begins, Governor Brown’s self-imposed March 10th budget deadline is approaching. Within the next week, Brown intends to pass a state budget and place the ballots regarding the much-talked about tax extensions as well as a proposal to transfer the control of government services from state to local governments.
Updates Regarding the State Budget

Mar 7th, 2011
| 03:02 PM | School & District Reform

As the current controversy over parent takeovers of schools illustrates, almost all the politics of education concerns rearranging adult power and privilege.  Relatively little political energy is spent consciously designing a contemporary system of public education.  That should change.
By focusing political energy on how students learn rather than the long list of hot button issues—...

Mar 2nd, 2011
| 02:44 PM | Assessment & Accountability

As California begins to move toward implementation of common core standards, one key issue is how the rollout of new standards will intersect with the rapidly expanding use of digital technologies in the education system.  For example, should California continue to provide printed textbooks for students, or should the state move instead to support teachers’ and students’ access to on-line instructional...