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Jun 29th, 2011
| 03:40 PM

After the unexpected veto from Governor Brown last week, state policymakers continued to struggle this week negotiating for a budget that allows for an election regarding the tax extensions.
In response to Brown’s veto, Democrats have been waiting for Brown to garner the appropriate number of Republican votes, as reported by the KQED...

Jun 21st, 2011
| 11:45 AM | School & District Reform

Most education reforms start with the premise that adults need to work harder so students will learn more.  But ultimately, maybe quickly, that premise is self-defeating.  Regardless of the pedagogy used, who governs the school, or how long teachers toil, students are the real workers in the system.  Building around that reality is one of the five key elements to bring about...

Jun 20th, 2011
| 03:11 PM |

Important events have marked the advancement of the state budget this past week. Below, the bolded statements provide a simple summary of each relevant event leading to the current status of the state budget.
Senate budget vote begins and several parts of state budget were approved last weekend: As legislators continued working on Friday and through the weekend, three minor budget...