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Dec 7th, 2010
David N Plank | 09:16 AM | Finance

The California Teachers Association has released preliminary findings from their ongoing evaluation of the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA). The initial findings are generally positive, but their release is an occasion for disappointment rather than celebration, for two reasons.
The first is that the implementation of QEIA coincided with the unprecedented fiscal calamity that has engulfed...

Dec 1st, 2010
David N Plank | 11:39 AM | Finance

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle over the weekend makes it clear just how hard it will be to make the distribution of resources in California’s education system more equitable.  The article describes a controversy in the Albany USD, where the three elementary schools are raising money from...

Nov 24th, 2010
David N Plank | 09:57 AM | Finance

Polling on public education almost invariably reports the same pattern of responses when participants are asked to evaluate schools.  Respondents give their local schools relatively high grades, but they give much lower grades to the public school system as a whole.  In other words, citizens trust the schools they know, where they send (or sent) their own children, but they are doubtful about schools elsewhere....