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Oct 27th, 2010
Charles Taylor Kerchner | 09:59 AM | Teachers

Can we talk?  As it turns out, we can’t.  We can yell, finger point, and mutually disparage, but we are incapable of talking about what matters most in public education: how the resources we have are best allocated to produce the student achievement results we need.


A case in point:  Jacob Adams, a...

Oct 26th, 2010
Brad Olsen | 04:09 PM | Teachers

The L.A. Times publication in August of a value-added analysis of teacher effectiveness, based on student scores on math and ELA tests, has sparked national debate about the ethics of publicly ranking individual teachers.  Educators and researchers questioned the usefulness of student scores on standardized tests as teacher effectiveness measures, the merits of teacher performance-pay systems, and whether...