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Feb 24th, 2011
Alan Daly | 02:25 PM | School & District Reform

Spring is less than a month away.  If one looks carefully, the sights of spring abound—small buds are on the trees, grasses push through the soil, and tax appointments are increasingly hard to come by.  The sounds of spring are also present in California schools—one can hear the flap of CST forms as they land at schools, the far off warble of the CAHSEE getting closer, and the sound of number 2...

Feb 18th, 2011
David N Plank | 08:57 AM | School & District Reform

The decision by the State Board of Education to adopt the common core standards presents great challenges for California, especially in light of the ongoing budget crisis, but it also presents an unmatched opportunity for the state to bring about dramatic improvements in the educational opportunities we provide for our students.  To take advantage of the new standards California will...

Dec 1st, 2010
David N Plank | 11:39 AM | School & District Reform

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle over the weekend makes it clear just how hard it will be to make the distribution of resources in California’s education system more equitable.  The article describes a controversy in the Albany USD, where the three elementary schools are raising money from...