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Jan 11th, 2011
Charles Taylor Kerchner | 01:21 PM | Governance

John Deasy deserves the welcoming he is getting as superintendent of the nation’s second largest school district.  He should savor the moment; he’ll need it.
The public and private speculation about Deasy concerns whether he is really a “reformer,” whatever that means, what deals he has cut with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa or the Gates Foundation, or whether United Teachers...

Dec 15th, 2010
Jennifer Imazeki | 03:01 PM | Governance

California education policy in recent publications:
>> In the most recent issue of the California Journal of Politics and Policy, Peter Dreier has an interesting case study of Measure CC, a parcel tax for Pasadena Unified. The issue also has the full text of Wendy Brown’s speech,...

Nov 8th, 2010
William Perez | 03:05 PM | Governance

Approximately 25% of California K-12 students are English Language Learners. Despite our best efforts, less than 60% of ELLs are English proficient after 6 years. In addition, their achievement levels are well below their English proficient counterparts. One of Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial...