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Jun 20th, 2011
Mona Vakilifathi | 03:11 PM
Important events have marked the advancement of the state budget this past week. Below, the bolded statements provide a simple summary of each relevant event leading to the current status of the state budget.    Senate budget vote begins and several parts of state budget were approved last weekend: As legislators continued working on Friday and through the weekend, three minor budget bills were passed. As The...
Jun 10th, 2011
Mona Vakilifathi | 03:06 PM
Next week, June 15th marks the constitutional deadline for state leaders to pass the budget for the next fiscal year. Within the next week, as reported by The Press-Enterprise, state leaders are expected to pass a budget plan that will address the remaining $9.6 billion deficit. If these leaders fail to pass the budget by its deadline, this article also reports that state policymakers stand to lose their pay on a day-to-day...
Jun 7th, 2011
Jennifer Imazeki | 03:02 PM | Finance
Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica) has been trying for several years now to implement the advice of the numerous committees, plans and studies that have said California’s school finance system needs structural reform, not just tinkering around the edges. In 2008, AB 2159 passed the Assembly (70-2) but died in Senate Appropriations. In 2010, AB 8 passed both the Assembly and Senate (unanimously in both) but...
Jun 6th, 2011
David N Plank | 09:38 AM | Assessment & Accountability
Economists draw a useful distinction between two kinds of equity, horizontal and vertical.  The principle of horizontal equity holds that equals should be treated equally.  For example, third graders in poor school districts should receive the same level of funding and the same quality of education as those in wealthier school districts.  All students should be held to the same high expectations regardless of...
Jun 3rd, 2011
Mona Vakilifathi | 12:28 PM
There have been few reports of the progress of the latest budget plan. In regards to education, state Democrats in both the Assembly and the Senate continue to disagree with Brown’s May budget revise.  As mentioned in the last PACE “CA Education Policy News Update” blog post, an Assembly committee rejected Brown’s May revise for K-12 education, insisting that the additional funds from the...