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Jan 11th, 2011
Charles Taylor Kerchner | 01:21 PM | Governance
John Deasy deserves the welcoming he is getting as superintendent of the nation’s second largest school district.  He should savor the moment; he’ll need it.   The public and private speculation about Deasy concerns whether he is really a “reformer,” whatever that means, what deals he has cut with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa or the Gates Foundation, or whether United Teachers Los Angeles will...
Jan 10th, 2011
Jennifer Imazeki | 03:40 PM | Teachers
Teacher tenure is one of those contentious issues that everyone seems to have an opinion about. Recently, Stephen Blum outlined many of the “positives, negatives, problems and some suggestions for tenure.” But one thing that complicates any debate over tenure is that there is virtually no quantitative evidence of how tenure impacts teacher labor markets or student achievement. Sure, many people have stories about...
Jan 7th, 2011
Mona Vakilifathi | 01:25 PM
Governor Jerry Brown and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson were sworn into office this week and moved immediately to implement their plans for education governance and spending. According to the L.A. Times  and the San Francisco Chronicle,  Brown intends to eliminate the Office of the Secretary of Education, saving the state $1.9 million in  spending. The rationale for eliminating this...
Jan 4th, 2011
David N Plank | 07:46 AM | Finance
In PACE’s view, one key principle for lasting reform in California’s education system is policies that target resources to the students and schools who need them most.  How hard is this to do?  A new report from the Public Policy Institute of California (authored by Jon Sonstelie, Margaret Weston, and Heather Rose) suggests some grounds for pessimism.   The PPIC report argues that some relatively...
Dec 29th, 2010
Alan Daly | 10:03 PM | Assessment & Accountability
In his posting "The Daunting Challenge of Teacher Evaluation"  David Plank rightly suggests that the challenge of teacher evaluation is indeed daunting and an important topic in many public and private conversations related to educational reform.  One of the most discussed and debated arguments related to this conversation has to do with how states/districts measure the amount of value a teacher...