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Dec 10th, 2010
Katherine Strunk | 09:19 AM | Assessment & Accountability
RESPONSE: I echo David's disappointment with the evaluation of QEIA. Although the new study does what it can with publicly available aggregate achievement data, the methods and data used in the study do not tell us anything about whether or not QEIA funding helps schools that received the intervention to perform better than schools that did not. It is clear that our schools and districts are resource-starved, and that there...
Dec 9th, 2010
Jennifer Imazeki | 03:50 PM | Finance
When education folks in California talk about the need for state-wide data, they are generally referring to CALPADS (California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System), which has been in the news again lately after the Governor cut funding for the system through a line-item veto. Although it may not be the sexiest topic, a well-functioning data system is critical to the success of any other education policy reform; after...
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Dec 9th, 2010
David N Plank | 11:48 AM | Assessment & Accountability
Cross-posted from The Sacramento Bee. Published: Thursday, Decebmer 12, 2010 By David N. Plank and Scott Hill On the football field, a talented quarterback often calls the option play, holding off on the decision to run or pass to the last possible moment. This gives him time to survey the field and choose the best option for moving the ball forward. Policymakers have options, too. Given the chance, they can wait and watch...
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Dec 7th, 2010
David N Plank | 09:16 AM | Finance
The California Teachers Association has released preliminary findings from their ongoing evaluation of the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA). The initial findings are generally positive, but their release is an occasion for disappointment rather than celebration, for two reasons.   The first is that the implementation of QEIA coincided with the unprecedented fiscal calamity that has engulfed California’s...
Dec 3rd, 2010
Mona Vakilifathi | 05:27 PM
The initial results for the Quality Education Investment Act  QEIA  was heavily discussed this week, namely for its positive effects for low-performing schools. According to theSI&A Cabinet Report, 488 California schools in this study achieved an average 63 point increase on their Academic Performance Index  scores compared to 50 points earned by similar California schools without this financial support....