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Dec 1st, 2010
David N Plank | 11:39 AM | School & District Reform
An article in the San Francisco Chronicle over the weekend makes it clear just how hard it will be to make the distribution of resources in California’s education system more equitable.  The article describes a controversy in the Albany USD, where the three elementary schools are raising money from parents to supplement the funds that the state provides.  The poorest of the three schools raises the least money...
Nov 24th, 2010
David N Plank | 09:57 AM | School & District Reform
Polling on public education almost invariably reports the same pattern of responses when participants are asked to evaluate schools.  Respondents give their local schools relatively high grades, but they give much lower grades to the public school system as a whole.  In other words, citizens trust the schools they know, where they send (or sent) their own children, but they are doubtful about schools elsewhere....
Nov 19th, 2010
David N Plank | 08:16 AM | Assessment & Accountability
Let’s get assessment policy right.  California has recently adopted new standards for what children should know and be able to do at every grade level.  To ensure that these new standards support improvement in the performance of schools and students, tie them to assessments that provide timely, accurate, and useful information for teachers and parents about whether and how students are progressing toward...
Nov 18th, 2010
Mona Vakilifathi | 03:46 PM
On Monday, the California Supreme Court unanimously reversed state’s court of appeals ruling of Martinez v. Regents of University of California in favor of AB 540. AB 540 is a state law that allows for any student attending high school in California for at least three years to be eligible to pay in-state tuition at any of California’s public community colleges, colleges, and universities. Specifically, this...
Nov 12th, 2010
Mona Vakilifathi | 03:17 PM
There has been a lot of discussion in the L.A. Times and in the Sacramento Bee this past week surrounding Jerry Brown’s transition to becoming Governor and how his campaign promises will be carried out in practice over the next four years.  Regarding  education, there has been concern and curiosity as to how well the new administration will be able to implement Jerry Brown’s initial education plan...