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Nov 10th, 2010
Jennifer Imazeki | 03:50 PM | Finance
This was a rough year for parcel taxes: voters rejected all but two of the seventeen parcel tax measures that school districts had proposed. This is not surprising, given the economic climate, but it is disappointing nonetheless. Compared to school districts in other states, California districts have very little local control over their level of revenues; aside from voluntary contributions, the only way districts can really...
Nov 8th, 2010
William Perez | 03:05 PM | Governance
Approximately 25% of California K-12 students are English Language Learners. Despite our best efforts, less than 60% of ELLs are English proficient after 6 years. In addition, their achievement levels are well below their English proficient counterparts. One of Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial goals is to reduce the messy number of categorical funding formulas and thus increase funding for English Language Learners and low...
Nov 5th, 2010
David N Plank | 08:49 AM | Teachers
Last week PACE and Pivot Learning Partners co-hosted a conference in southern California that focused on teacher evaluation.  The conference brought together teams of administrators, teachers, and union leaders from more than 30 school districts to discuss how to evaluate teachers’ performance in smarter, more effective ways. The starting point for the discussion, of course, was the meaningless way in which most...
Nov 5th, 2010
Mona Vakilifathi | 07:56 AM
Last Tuesday, California’s election resulted in a strong win for Democrats. According to the state’s Secretary of State elections results, Jerry Brown won as Governor, Gavin Newsom as Lieutenant Governor, Debra Bowen as Secretary of State, John Chiang as Controller, Bill Lockyer as Treasurer, Dave Jones as Insurance Commissioner, and Tom Torlakson as Superintendent of Public Instruction. The race for Attorney...
Nov 2nd, 2010
William Perez | 01:37 PM | Immigration & ELL
An article published in the LA Times reports that according to a recent poll of likely voters conducted by the Democratic polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and the Republican firm American Viewpoint, 48% of Californians said immigrants are a benefit to the state, and 59% said undocumented workers who have held a job here for two years should be allowed to stay. Overall, the poll finds that California voters hold...