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Oct 18th, 2010
David N Plank | 04:22 PM | School & District Reform
PACE’s first seminar of 2010-11,”The Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership: Lessons for Policy and Practice,” focused on the Fresno-Long Beach partnership, and on the ways in which two California school districts facing big challenges are working together and learning from each other to support improved performance and enhanced opportunities for students.  It’s a great and inspiring story, but...
Oct 15th, 2010
Mona Vakilifathi | 03:24 PM
Last Friday, Sacramento leaders passed the state budget. The Times-Standard confirmed most of the details from last week’s posting, including the deferral of a $1.7 billion payment to schools for cuts made in previous years as well as the suspension of funds required from Proposition 98.  In addition to these actions, according to the California WatchBlog and the L.A. Times, Governor Schwarzenegger made last-...
Oct 14th, 2010
David N Plank | 08:30 AM | Assessment & Accountability
Research by Sean Reardon and Michal Kurlaender shows that CAHSEE has had none of the positive effects anticipated when the exam was put in place, and that it in fact damages the prospects of a significant number of young people.  Moreover, CAHSEE sets a very low bar for student performance, requiring students to demonstrate mastery at only the 7th or 8th grade level in mathematics, and at the 10th grade level in English...
Oct 13th, 2010
David N Plank | 08:10 AM | Assessment & Accountability
For the past year or so, PACE has been the home of the California Diploma Project, which brings together eight signatories representing the multiple segments of California’s fragmented education system to work on strengthening alignment and coherence across levels and institutions.  In April, the signatories endorsed a statement recognizing satisfactory performance on the augmented 11th grade CST that is part of...
Oct 8th, 2010
Mona Vakilifathi | 03:44 PM
Approaching the 100th day of the fiscal year, California’s lawmakers are close to passing the $87.5 billion state budget and are expected to vote on the final budget today, according to the San Francisco Chronicle Sacramento Bee. As the current form of the budget makes its way through the legislative committees, a clearer picture of the state’s education budget is emerging. In the latest version of the budget...