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Mar 23rd, 2011
Charles Taylor Kerchner | 02:12 PM | School & District Reform
Cross-posted from Thoughts on Public Education.   For the first time since the eclipse of the LEARN reforms at the turn of the millennium, Los Angeles has hosted a broad scale education summit designed to bring the city together around support for public education.  “There had been a lot of what I call ‘silo’ conversations.  We needed to make sure the whole community was here,” said...
Mar 22nd, 2011
David N Plank | 02:22 PM | Post Secondary Education
Cross-posted on Thoughts on Public Education.   John Fensterwald’s post on the Long Beach Promise offers a nice illustration of how a system of post-secondary education might work in California, if we actually had such a system.  In reality, of course, we have three separate systems of post-secondary education--the University of California (UC), the California State University (CSU), and the California...
Mar 18th, 2011
Brad Olsen | 02:57 PM | School & District Reform
 “If two people are alike, one of them is unnecessary.”                                          —A handmade sign I saw in a classroom     I used to startle whenever I noticed the lag between what the...
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Mar 13th, 2011
David N Plank | 11:42 AM | School & District Reform
“Turning around schools is challenging work,” according to Alan Daly, and knowledge about how the process works is in short supply.  (See here).  The fact that we know so little about how to improve student achievement in persistently low-performing schools is one of the enduring shames of the education research community.   Why do we know so little?  There are three related reasons. ...
Mar 13th, 2011
Alan Daly | 11:41 AM | School & District Reform
The Board of Education for the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) recently adopted Vision 2020 for Student Success, a long-range plan for improving performance and student outcomes.  One element of this plan is Support and Guidance from District Leadership, which describes the work of the district office as, “A central administration that facilitates the work of principals, teachers, and school communities...
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