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Mar 7th, 2011
Charles Taylor Kerchner | 03:02 PM | School & District Reform
As the current controversy over parent takeovers of schools illustrates, almost all the politics of education concerns rearranging adult power and privilege.  Relatively little political energy is spent consciously designing a contemporary system of public education.  That should change.   By focusing political energy on how students learn rather than the long list of hot button issues—tenure, teacher...
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Mar 2nd, 2011
David N Plank | 02:44 PM | Assessment & Accountability
As California begins to move toward implementation of common core standards, one key issue is how the rollout of new standards will intersect with the rapidly expanding use of digital technologies in the education system.  For example, should California continue to provide printed textbooks for students, or should the state move instead to support teachers’ and students’ access to on-line instructional...
Mar 1st, 2011
William Perez | 10:58 AM | Finance
Concerns about budget cuts seem to be triggering unconventional measures to access or secure education funds. For example, on 2/17 the Orange County Register reported  that in the Anaheim school district, students with more than  four unexcused absences have to carry a handheld GPS device that receives an automated phone message to remind the students  that they need to get to school on time. Overall, this...
Feb 28th, 2011
Mona Vakilifathi | 04:41 PM
Updates on the State Budget   As of last week, Governor Brown intends to pass his budget proposal and add the tax extensions to the June special election ballot by March 10th, as reported by The Sacramento Bee. Last Friday, the L.A. Times, the Contra Costa Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Sacramento Bee report that both the Assembly and Senate legislative budget committees produced budget proposals very...
Feb 24th, 2011
Alan Daly | 02:25 PM | School & District Reform
Spring is less than a month away.  If one looks carefully, the sights of spring abound—small buds are on the trees, grasses push through the soil, and tax appointments are increasingly hard to come by.  The sounds of spring are also present in California schools—one can hear the flap of CST forms as they land at schools, the far off warble of the CAHSEE getting closer, and the sound of number 2 pencils...