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Brad Olsen is Associate Professor of Education at the University of California—Santa Cruz. His research focuses on teachers, teaching, teacher education, and school reform. His new book is Teaching for Success: Developing Your Teacher Identity in Today’s Classroom (Paradigm Publishers, 2010).

Apr 27th, 2011 | 08:27 AM

The Not-so-Distant Past
In California in 1985 a first-class stamp cost $0.20, a dozen eggs cost $1.19, and motorists gasped when the price of a gallon of gas hit $1.20. Three top-selling albums that year were Wham!, Phil Collins’ No Jacket Required, and the Soundtrack to Miami Vice (

Apr 18th, 2011 | 11:05 AM

I had a nice time at the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting last week in New Orleans. For the uninitiated: AERA is a yearly conference in which over 12,000 researchers, educationalists, and policymakers descend on some North American city for five days to discuss their work, deliver papers, and talk about the current state of education. Given that it also happened to be the weekend of the...