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October 17 , 2008 Seminar

“Do Financial Incentives Help Low-Performing Schools Attract and Keep Academically Talented Teachers?”
Richard J. Murnane – Harvard Graduate School of Education
Jennifer L. Steele – RAND Corporation
John B. Willett- Harvard Graduate School of Education

In 2000-01 and 2001-02, California offered a competitive $20,000 incentive called the Governor’s Teaching Fellowship (GTF) to academically talented teacher licensure candidates who agreed to work in the state’s low-performing schools. To estimate the GTF’s causal impact, this study treats the fellowship as a natural experiment and compares the early-career decisions of academically talented teachers licensed before and during the availability of the GTF.

Our apologies, but this seminar predates our audio recording feature

Conditions of Education in California 2008

As the Year of Education draws to a close, PACE is reviving its signature publication, Conditions of Education in California, in order to sustain focus on the long-term comprehensive educational reforms that California needs. In this edition of Conditions of Education in California six of California’s leading policy scholars provide analysis of the urgent educational challenges facing our state. The six authors provide baseline data on the current performance of California’s schools and students, and make specific recommendations for policy changes that will support long-term improvement. PACE plans to resume regular publication of Conditions of Education in California in order to track California’s progress toward a more efficient and effective educational system.