Monthly Archives: December 2008

Two new seminars added to the 2008-2009 seminar series

Two additional seminars have been added to the Seminars for Education Policymakers and Scholars 2008-2009 series. On January 30 , 2009, Isabella Furth and Steve Rosell of Viewpoint Learning, Inc will present “From Values to Public Judgment on K-12 Education Reform in California”, and on February 13 , 2009, Jay Chambers, Larisa Shambaugh, and Jesse Levin of the American Institutes of Research will present “Student-Based Funding in Oakland and San Francisco: Implementation and Policy Implications”. Read more about our seminar series on our Seminars page.

Smart Schools, Smart Growth – Investing in Education Facilities and Stronger Communities

Working paper series – California Builds Better Schools by PACE and the Center for Cities and Schools,
at the University of California, Berkeley.

California is midway through one of the grandest public infrastructure projects ever attempted.
Over the coming decade school officials will complete an $82 billion effort, building new
schools and renovating old facilities, supported by taxpayers and private investors. But are state
officials and local planners building schools mindfully to advance educational quality and lift
local communities?

Linking Research to Policy and Practice

These PowerPoint slides are from a December 5, 2008 joint presentation by PACE, School Innovations and Advocacy, and the Sonoma County Office of Education. The presenters were PACE Executive Director David Plank, SI&A’s Peter Birdsall, and Cindy Pilar from the Sonoma County Office of Education.

Download the Presentation