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The Future of Early Education Systems in California (PreK-3rd)

October 29, 2009
The Future of Early Education Systems in California (PreK-3rd)
Brad Strong, Director of Education, Children Now
Lisa Guernsey, Director, Early Education Initiative, New America Foundation
Loretta Burns, Director, Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness

California’s education system continues to struggle to close persistent achievement gaps that often exist at school entry, and the state’s dire fiscal situation certainly doesn’t help. But real progress is possible, even now, as new strategies to build seamless early learning systems are being developed and supported through federal efforts. Presenters will discuss the critical components of PreK-3rd systems, provide specific examples of how these systems are working locally to improve school readiness in California, and offer up new opportunities for statewide leadership that are outlined in a New America Foundation report on California’s early education system.

Seminars for Education Policymakers and Scholars 2009-2010

Despite the unprecedented fiscal crisis now battering California’s schools and universities, the urgency of comprehensive reform in California’s education system has not diminished. California had fallen behind other states on many key indicators of educational performance before the current crisis arrived. Doing the same things in the same way with dramatically reduced resources will not produce success for the state’s students and schools.

As the Governor’s Committee on Educational Excellence and others have made clear, California will ultimately have to spend more—not less—on our education system if we hope to achieve the ambitious goals we have set for our students, and ensure the future prosperity of our state. For now, though, California will have to use the resources we have more efficiently and effectively to sustain recent improvements in the performance of our schools.

The need for new thinking and policy innovation is therefore greater than ever. PACE’s Sacramento seminar series brings California’s leading researchers together with policy makers for an informed discussion of the many issues facing California’s education system, and for thoughtful analysis of the difficult policy choices facing our state.

Our 2009-2010 Seminar Series begins this month, for a complete list please see our Upcoming Seminars page!