1. The Genome@home 2.0 client is actually a part of the larger Folding@home 3.24 client. Installing the Genome@home 2.0 client consists of i) downloading and installing the F@h 3.24 client and ii) configuring the F@h 3.24 client to run Genome@home.

  2. Download and install the Windows Genome@home 2.0 (F@h 3.24) client software from our website.

  3. The first time you run the client, enter your username and team number (if you have one) in the Folding@home Control Panel. You should enter the same user name that you used to register with Genome@home on the download page. It should not contain any whitespace (to insert a space, just use the underscore "_" character).

  4. In the "Advanced Tab" of the Control Panel, be sure to set the Client Type to Genome@home.

  5. For more detailed installation instructions, please refer to the appropriate page below:

    Windows Client Installation Details
    Linux Client Installation Detatils


HAVING PROBLEMS? Check out the Genome@home FAQ.

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