Starting a Genome@home team

If you would like to start a Genome@home team, simply fill out the form below to get a team account number. This number will be the unique identifier for your team. Just distribute this number to your team members and ask that they enter that number in the "account" field when they install and run Genome@home for the first time (users already running the client can use the "Reconfigure user info" icon in the Start/Genome@home menu, or run "ghclient -config" on the command line).

You can choose any team name you like, as long as it contains only letters, numbers, and/or the underscore "_" character). This team name will appear on the team statistics page.

We ask that you enter an e-mail address so that we can contact you regarding any important version upgrades or news about how your team is doing. We will not distribute your e-mail address nor send you frivolous messages. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail after you register your team.



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