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Announcement: Biblical Counseling Course on "How (not what) to change"!

This quarter's biblical counseling course series helps students gain a very inspiring grasp of the Lord's vital, explicit, practical and powerful instructions in the "how" of the Christian life that applies to our efforts to succeed in literally every aspect of our lives.

Romans is undoubtedly the most dense compendium of deep theological insights, yet it is not at all esoteric. The mass of detail is merely the result of Paul's diligent documentation of everything he explains in practice. The heart of Romans (chs. 5-8, & 12:1-2) is the (only) systematic explanation of the practical dynamics of laying a hold of the infinite riches of personal growth from sin to righteousness in practice (and as such the foundation for fulfilling interpersonal relationships — spring quarter).

Join us in our excitement about learning through Paul's explanation in Romans of how to unlock real power for individual growth and change in our new lives in Christ by applying the very same 3D methodology we saw God model for us in Genesis.

The course is held on s from at
and is available to all Stanford students, faculty, and staff
for personal benefit and for equipping to help others.

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