Selected glossary of terms


Binary fission – asexual reproduction of Balantidium coli and other ciliated protozoa; common mode of replication inside large intestines of hosts


Cecum – the pouch formed at the termination of the small intestine and at the beginning of the large intestine; Balantidium coli are known to infect and invade this region of the large intestine


Ciliate – a phylum of protozoa characterized by cilia during at least one stage of life, two nuclei (macro and micro), and contractile vacuoles


Colitis – inflammation of the colon (large intestine)


Colon – generally, the large intestine


Conjugation – sexual reproduction mode of Balantidium coli and other ciliated protozoa; temporary cytoplasmic union with exchange of nuclear material


Cyst – the infective stage of Balantidium coli; the protozoa is round and spherical, with a tough, thick cyst wall made of 2 layers.  Cysts passed in the feces can be ingested by animals and can transmit Balantidiasis to new hosts.


Dysentery – a condition of severe diarrhea with passage of blood and/or mucus


Sigmoidoscopy – procedure for viewing the large intestine and for taking tissue biopsies; a thin, flexible, hollow instrument (sigmoidoscope) is inserted through the anus; physicians use sigmoidoscopy for inspecting, diagnosis, and photographing the large intestine; it is especially useful for diagnosing the cause of diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain, and for identifying early signs of intestinal cancers.  Using sigmoidoscopy, a “physician can see bleeding, inflammation, abnormal growths, and ulcers in the descending colon and rectum.”


Trophozoite – the non-infective stage of Balantidium coli; the protozoa is ovoid and tapered at the anterior end; trophozoites lack cyst walls but are motile thanks to the cilia covering their surfaces.  Balantidium coli feed and reproduce during the trophozoite stage.




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Glossary of terms

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