Dr. Ron Barrett is a Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University where his main areas of interest lie in medical anthropology, medical pluralism, infectious diseases, death and dying, and disease stigmata. Dr. Barrett has conducted extensive research in India on the psycho-social repercussions of Leprosy.

We will be conducting an interview with Dr. Barrett on 06/02/05. Please check back for updates.
Questions to be asked:
  • What was the Leprosy situation in the parts of India where you conducted your research?
  • What policies implemented by government, NGO's and/or donor agencies to eliminate Leprosy are working in the places where you conducted research? What is lacking?
  • In your opinion, what is the best way to deal with the stigma associated with Leprosy so that people who become infected can minimize disability and suffering via early diagnosis and so that those who are already stigmatized can be cared for effectively?