Lisbeth Guethlein

Lisbeth A. Guethlein

S. B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Course VI-3 (Electrical Engineering)
Ph.D. , The Johns Hopkins University, Molecular Biology and Human Genetics

Dr. Guethlein has a longstanding research interest in the polymorphic genes of the immune system. Her interest began with her dissertation research in the lab of Drs. Wilma Bias and Barabara Schmeckpeper that examined the functional effects of HLA Class II polymorphism. During her postdoctoral tenure in the laboratory of Dr. Jonathan Howard her research interest was focused on the role played by gene conversion in the evolution of MHC class I polymorphism. Since joining the Parham laboratory in 1999 her research has used techniques from comparative and evolutionary biology to analyze the effects of polymorphism in the KIR system.