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About PDSA

Product Design at Stanford University

The Product Design undergraduate program at Stanford is an interdisciplinary major within the Mechanical Engineering department. It is a mix of engineering, design, and business factors to prepare students to create user-centered products in industry. Upon graduation, Product Designers receive a Bachelors of Science in Engineering with an emphasis in Product Design. For more information about the major, check out our Product Design Students page.

Who We Are

This year's board of directors include 10 directors in a variety of positions, ranging from President to Events Coordinator. The positions are: (1) President, (2) Vice President of Internal Affairs, (3) Vice President of External Affairs, (4) Financial Officer, (5) Events Coordinator, (6) Co-Director of Undergraduate Recruiting, (7) Co-Director of Undergraduate Recruiting, (8) Co-Director of Marketing and Communication, (9) Co-Director of Marketing and Communication, and (10) Director of Corporate Relations. These directors are Product Designers and those passionate in designing for people to make a difference. With different areas of interest, varying degrees of experience in aspects of design thinking, and various design skills, these directors support the Product Design major by putting on events and implementing programs.