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4 Mar 2004 Books Not Bombs II: Rally, 12pm in White Plaza; Alternative Classes, 1:15-2:05pm in the Quad; Vigil, 8:30-9:30 in Brown Plaza. Sponsored by the Books Not Bombs Coalition.
19 Feb 2004 Robert Jensen, "Following the Flag," @7:30pm in Bldg. 380 - Room 380C. Presented by SCPJ, PPJC, and Drama 12N.
10 Feb 2004
PATRIOT Act Forum, 7-9pm, in Oak Room, Tresidder Student Union
28 Jan 2004
"Stand-Up for Peace" @ 8pm in the CoHo - Jewish and Arab American comics.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 4th

Last March, Books Not Bombs was a student strike held in solidarity with

more than 450 colleges and universities across the country.

Despite our protest, the war began.

It didn't have to happen.

One year later, we will stand together again...


March 4th, 2004


--White Plaza--

1:15pm - 2:05pm
Alternative Classes
--Main Quad-

Candlelight Vigil
--White Plaza--


Iraqi Civilians Killed: ~10,000. Coalition Soldiers Killed: 547. (

Iraqi Civilians Severely Injured: ~14,000. Coalition Soldiers Severely Injured: 3,119. (

The US Government continues to ignore international law in its Treatment of the
detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

1,200 non-citizens of primarily Middle Eastern, South Asian, and North African descent have been detained. 766 on the pretext of immigration charges, while only a handful have been charged with crimes. The Department of Justice has confirmed abuses of these detainees, yet their identities have still not been released, and immigration hearings have been conducted in secret.
(Human Rights Watch,, 2/24/04)

One year ago, more than 1000 Stanford students and faculty gathered together to
promote education over war.


The economy lost 2.3 million jobs since Bush took office in 2001. (NY Times, Jan 30, 2004)

In 2003 'No Child Left Behind' fell short of funding by $32.6 billion and other federal education programs fell short by $49 billion. (National Education Association,

Pentagon Budget: $400 billion/year; Department of Homeland Security Budget: $40 billion/year; Cost of War in Afghanistan and Iraq: $180 billion to date. (Michelle Ciarrocca, World Policy Institute, 2/24/04)

The US Patriot act contains several provisions which threaten civil liberties of citizens and residents of the United States. (In Support of SAFE Act Bill, passed in ASSU Senate, Jan 27th, 2004 by a vote of 11-0, with 2 abstentions -- see below)


8 Hoover Fellows are members of the Defense Policy Board, which helped Bush decide to invade Iraq.(Stanford Daily, 10/8/03;

Condoleeza Rice, former Stanford Provost and Hoover Fellow, has been an assistant to Bush on National Security Affairs during the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan. (

Bechtel received $680 million contract for rebuilding of Iraq (

Thursday, March 4th, 2004, Stanford students & faculty gather together for Books not Bombs II, in solidarity with colleges and universities across the United States.

Following the Flag:
The Failures of the U.S. Media in the Iraq
War and What We Can Do About It
THURSDAY, Feb 19th
7:30 PM, Building 380 Room 380C (Math Corner)
Robert Jensen is Professor of Journalism at the University of Texas and the author of Writing Dissent and the forthcoming Citizens of Empire. The event is presented by SCPJ, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and Drama 12N.

8 PM, Building 200 Room 015 (History Corner)

SATURDAY, March 20th
SF: Assemble at Dolores Park, 18th & Dolores Sts., at 11 a.m. March to the S.F. Civic Center.
Call 415-821-6545 or email for more information.
More info available from Internation A.N.S.W.E.R.


Oppose the PATRIOT Act! Support the SAFE Act!

Success! The ASSU Senate passed the SAFE Act Resolution on Tuesday, January 27th by a vote of 11-0 with 2 abstentions.
More success! The GSC passed a Patriot Act Resolution on March 2nd!

TUESDAY, February 10th
7-9 PM, Oak Room, Tresidder Student Union
A well-attended event in which a panel of speakers discussed the controversial PATRIOT Act and the SAFE Act. Click here for more information about the speakers.
Read SCPJ's Op-Ed published in The Stanford Daily on February 9th.


The Stanford-Hoover Connection Campaign

The Case Against Hoover : [here]

Stanford University supports an institution whose fellows have played a pivotal role in promoting the war on Iraq. That war is now a reality. Stanford has lent an aura of academic credibility to an institution with a political mission statement. SCPJ argues that this is not compatible with the University's committment to academic freedom. More details [here].

News from the Campaign

The Nation covered our campaign in its April 14th Issue. The article is available [here].

SCPJ responds to Daily Column of 24 Feb. Read SCPJ's response here.

The results of our meeting with President Hennessy: He has adopted the position that limiting government intrusion into the lives of individuals is not a political goal. Therefore Hoover's mission statement is not political.

The Stanford Alterna-Fund and Petition

If so moved, please pledge to withhold your donations to the Stanford Alumni Association to pressure Stanford to act on this issue. [pledge here]
We're also looking for alumni coordinators to help organize their class on this issue. Please fill out the pledge. Together we can make Stanford a better place!
If you're a current Stanford student you can also sign the Hoover Petition online. We have over 600 signatures. Please add your name! Sign the petition [here]

Stanford Alterna-Fund

Consider setting aside your planned donations (Senior Gift, alumni donations, any future donations) and pressure Stanford to act on issues you care about. [click here]

The Coalition of Students Against War (C-SAW)

Comments made by Stanford Faculty at the March 5th Student Strike (organized by C-SAW)

Professor Phillip Zimbardo's Comments: [html]
Professor Abernathy Comments: [Word Doc]
Professor Delaney's Notes: [html]
Professor Palumbo-Liu's article in Boundary 2 [html] [pdf]
Professor Rega Wood's Comments [Word Doc]
Professor Beinin's Lecture (given in San Jose) [Word Doc]
Cherrie Moraga: An excerpt from "Notes from the Colony: Still Loving in the (Still) War Years" Copyright Cherrķe L. Moraga, 2003 [Word Doc]

Join the Coalition of Students Against War (C-SAW):

Hellenic Association at Stanford (Hell.A.S.)
Black Student Union (BSU)
Coalition for Justice in Israel/Palestine (CJIP)
Greens at Stanford
Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO)
Stanford NAACP
Stanford Students for Fair Trade (StanFair)
Stanford USSA
Stanford University Catholic Social Action (SU CASA)
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (MEChA)
Asian American Students Association (AASA)
Black and Queer at Stanford (BlaQS)
Muslim Students Awareness Network (MSAN)
Pilipino American Student Union (PASU)
Redwood Action Team at Stanford (RATS)
Resistance Art and Social Protest (RASP)
Stanford Asian American Activism Coalition (SAAAC)
Stanford Community for Peace and Justice (SCPJ)
Stanford Labor Action Coalition (SLAC)
Stanford Vietnamese Student Association (SVSA)
Student for Environmental Action at Stanford (SEAS)
Students of Color Coalition (SOCC)
Young Communist League of Stanford (YCL)
Jim Burklo, campus minister (United Campus Christian Ministry at Stanford)


Other Resources

Stanford and Community Groups
Stanford Labor Action Coalition
PPJC (community)
Redwood Action Team at Stanford (RATS)
Good Sources of Information
Common Dreams
SF Indymedia
Pacific News Service
World Press Review
The Independent
The Guardian (UK)
La Vanguardia (Spanish)
Le Monde (French)
Z Magazine
Social Justice Documentaries
(Realplayer and other formats)
SnowShoe Films
Bright Path Video


Our Mission

SCPJ is committed to working towards three core principles:

SCPJ Contacts

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Recent Events

29 May 2003
Justice for Stanford Workers: Students Fast for Code of Conduct
19 May 2003:Hoover Coalition Town Hall: 7:30 PM Tressider 2nd Floor.
25 April 2003:Dennis Kucinich speaks at 4pm in Annenberg Auditorium.
29 March 2003:Article appears in The Nation covering SCPJ's Hoover Campaign.[April 14 Issue]

National Student Strike for Peace on March 5

The Stanford Strike was AMAZING . Please click [ here ] for some photos, and thank you to each and every person who attended any part of it!! :-> (credit for these photos goes to R. Hebert, and right now they are simply links in the dir, we'll try to make thumbnails later; please pass on any other photos you have to thanks! )
Very well-done Stanford Daily Articles about the Strike [ 1 ] and [ 2 ] , and good editorial .
Good SJ Mercury Article, including pictures from Stanford
Well-written SF Chronicle article about the Bay Area Student Strike
Ok AP article (published in NYT), Stanford mentioned (be wary of poll numbers presented as somehow incontrovertibly strong proof of pro-war support, though)

Next Steps

To get involved in a campus AG (Affinity Group), please click [ here ]
For more information on AG's and the DASW action, click [ here ] . (Please note that neither DASW nor any of the AG-formation is connected with SCPJ in any formal capacity.)

March 5th Event: Pledge Forms, Information, etc.

NEW: Sample Letter/Email to your instructor(s) explaining your participation in the March 5 event.
Students: take the pledge [here].
Faculty: pledge your support [here].
Why a national student strike? [WhyStrike @ NYSPC].
Is opposing the war a LGBT issue? [Learn more..(pdf)]


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