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Seniors: Give a real gift to Stanford.

Set aside all donations to the Stanford Fund and pressure Stanford to act issues that Stanford students care about.

Students, Alumni, Faculty, Parents: Pledge!

Sign the Parents/Alumni pledge and make Stanford a better place by committing to set aside your planned donation to encourage the administration to act on Hoover and adopt a Code of Conduct.

Join the Campaign!
Please let your Stanford classmates know about this. We are also seeking alumni from each class willing to help with the campaign. Please check off the box below entitled "Willing to be a class organizer"

The Altera-Fund Pledge

Your Name:
Your Email:
Stanford Graduation Year:
Affiliation (Faculty,Alumna/Alumnus,Parent):
School (Undergrad, Grad, Law School, School of Education, etc.):
Phone (useful for organizing):
The Issues: These are the issues on which the Stanford Administration could potentially act upon. Please check off the issues that you care about enough to set aside all future donations to Stanford Fund/Alumni Association in order to pressure the Stanford Administration to act.
The Code of Conduct Campaign: make sure that Stanford creates a code of basic labor standards that applies to all workers on campus. [More..(not working yet)]
The Stanford-Hoover Campaign: The Hoover Institution must change its mission statement to agree with Stanford's guidelines in the Research Policy Handbook or Stanford should cease to lend the institution its academic credibility. [More...]
Other (please be specific):

Don't forget: We need alumni to help! Be class co÷rdinator for your year and help us recruit more alumni from your class. There are also a variety of other ways you can help this campaign -- simply check off the boxes below and we will -- -- get in touch with you.
I'm interested in being a class co÷rdinator.
I am willing to help in another way!

Class Co÷rdinators

We will be posting a list of class co÷rdinators soon!

SCPJ Contacts: Calvin Miaw and Kate Skolnick
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