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SIMES Cluster

SIMES Computer Cluster @ SLAC

The SIMES cluster is a mid-range computing platform. It consisted initially of 64, dual Quad-core Dell 1950 PowerEdge nodes with a 100 GigaBit Ethernet interconnect and 16 GB of RAM per node and a theoretical maximum-peak-performance of ~ 5TFlops. It has since been upgraded to include an additional 48, 12 core Dell C6100 PowerEdge nodes with 48 GB of RAM per node and the entire system now uses an InfiniBand interconnect. The computational resources also include a GPU test cluster with NVIDIA Fermi GPU cards. The SIMES cluster is used to facilitate simulations of ARPES spectra in strongly correlated materials modeled by the single- and multi-band Hubbard and Hubbard-Holstein Hamiltonians using quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) techniques and massively parallel computer codes; and the SIMES cluster facilitates modest sized simulations of RIXS spectra in strongly correlated materials modeled using multi-orbital Hubbard Hamiltonians solved by exact diagonalization (ED) techniques with SMP as well as massively parallel computer codes. The principle use of the cluster is for code development and small scale production.

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SIMES Cluster