Our Upcoming Policy Forum - The App Economy

Stay tuned for information on our next SIEPR Policy Forum on the App Economy, Friday, January 30th.


For the App Economy, we want to look at two big questions:

1.  What makes the Mobile and App Economy go?   
2.  How is the rise of the App Economy - and mobile technology more generally - changing the rest of the economy?

Once again the Valley is buzzing with startups, new ventures, and concerns about a bubble.  Our next Forum will look at how the move to mobile and the explosion of entrepreneurial activity is once more driving innovation.

If you are interested in the Forum, please contact SIEPR Policy Forum Director Ward Hanson.

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Policy Forum on Neuroeconomics

Our most recent Policy Forum from April.

This past spring we had a fascinating discussion about the emerging field of neuroeconomics.  Some of the top scientists and economics in the field looked at the connection between our brains and our choices - and how the rapidly changing field is shifting some of our policy perspectives.

How do our brains shape our policy choices, including those problems we ignore?

The last decade has seen an explosion of research connecting economic decision-making and neuroscience.  Neuroeconomists use brain activity to determine how we fram economic and policy decisions, handle risk, and anticipate our future.

Leading researchers, policy makers, and "neuro-startups" will discuss this fascinating and rapidly developing area.  Join us for the SIEPR Policy Forum on Neuroeconomics- your brain will approve!

Our speakers include:

William Newsome, Co-Chair, U.S. Presidential Brain Initiative, Harman Family Provostial Professor and Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford

Antonio Rangel, Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology and Economics, California Institute of Technology

Maya Shankar, White House Office of Science Technology and Policy, (see stories here and here.)

Sam McClure,  Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford

Cary Frydman,  Assistant Professor of Finance and Business Economics, USC

Brian Knutson, Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Stanford

"Neuro-startups,"  including NeuroSky and Irrational Labs.

AGENDA is here.


All current Stanford students are welcome, as well as members of the Stanford community with a Stanford ID.  Others are welcome by invitation.   The event is free, at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 366 Galvez Street, Stanford.  It begins at 10am, Friday April 11th.


SIEPR Policy Forum on Big Data

Our Big Data event is over.  Our next event looks at the Neuroeconomics - join us on April 11.

Big Data is sweeping business and government.  Those with "data skills" are highly sought after job applicants.  Some view Big Data as the next big job and productivity generator for the U.S. economy.

At the same time, big data presents a confusing and worrisome challenge.   Whether its Big Brother (such as the NSA) or "Little Brother (such as your cell phone company), many are worried about how big data tracks and predicts our every movement.

Come hear, debate, and meet some of the world experts on the impact of big data on our economy.  What does it mean for you, your career, and our lives?

All current Stanford students are welcome, as well as members of the Stanford community with a Stanford ID.  Others are invited by invitation.   The event is free, at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 366 Galvez Street, Stanford.  It begins at 10am, Friday October 25th.

For a look at the agenda, please click here.


Welcome Back!

We welcome everyone back for the new academic year!   Our next Policy Forum  will be on October 25th.  We will be looking at "Big Data, Big Issues."  

The SIEPR Courtyard   

Our SIEPR courtyard - on a quiet summer night.


Our Previous Policy Forum - Space Entrepreneurship

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Spring 2013:  We Looked at Building a Private Space Program

The U.S. space program is undergoing a major transition from government control to an entrepreneurial space industry.  Leading this initiative are companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Bigelow, and many others.  At the same time, U.S. government leaders at NASA and the FAA are working to support this private-public partnership in space.
On Friday, February 1st the SIEPR Policy Forum (with co-sponsor the Stanford Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation) had a fascinating discussion of the challenges and opportunities for private space ventures.  We looked at:
  • - Opportunities for space industry entrepreneurs
  • - Lowering the cost of space launches 
  • - Market opportunities for space tourism, exploration, mining, and communication
  • - Using economic incentives to foster new technologies and explorations

Key space industry speakers, economists,  and companies include Lori Garver of NASA, George Nield of FAA, Bill Nye, Ed LuPetra Moser of Stanford, SpaceX,  Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Google Lunar X Prize, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and United Launch Alliance.  
Full Agenda Here.  For videos, use Policy Forum Archives links to the left.

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Thursday, January 31st:  Space Policy Workshop


Thursday's agenda here.