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There are two core processes in the BioCellection technology: chemical derivatization and biological degradation. We are recruiting an expert to lead each R&D stream. Particularly, we want technically-brilliant, challenge-loving individuals who can use fast, reliable, and economic means to build a full working prototype: a process that accepts plastic waste and breaks it down completely or generates a product of higher value.

Both are full-time positions that entail designing and conducting experiments, expanding to new R&D directions, and facilitating bench-top results to more scalable outcomes.

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Specific Role

Senior Chemical Engineer

For the chemical R&D stream, we are looking for an expert who has worked with different plastic polymers. This chemical process is crucial for the downstream biological component to be fully effective. You will develop a process viable for the benchtop and interact with BioCellection biologists to ensure a consistent carbon feedstock for the degradation microbes. It is important to keep in mind the sustainability and costs associated with different components of this method so you can upscale the prototype to industrial operations.

It is required that you possess the following:

  •   PhD in chemical engineering, organic chemistry, or polymer science
  •   5 years of industrial experience
  •   Excellence in critical thinking, experimental design, and troubleshooting
  •   Experience in upscaling chemical processes
  •   Ability to understand the implications of proposed chemical work on the downstreambiological processes

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