John Ho

PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering

Personal Bio

I was born in Cupertino, California. I completed my BEng in Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) at HKUST in 2010. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Ada Poon where I am a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellow. My research focuses on wireless power transfer and electromagnetic interfaces for the human body.


Miniaturized electronics, when placed inside the body, hold promise as a new class of treatments for disorders due to their ability to wirelessly monitor and modulate internal activity. The development of such electronic treatments requires wireless interfaces that are millimeters in size and operate deep in a complex electromagnetic environment. I am broadly interested in developing new electromagnetic interfaces, specifically in the context of the human body, that can be used for wireless powering and communication. Approaches include fundamental studies in wave-tissue interactions, engineering of near-field structures, and experiments in both computational and animal models.