DIY Wireless Optogenetics

A tutorial demonstrating the creation of a do-it-yourself style wireless optogenetics platform. Video tutorials are presented with an accompanying document detailing where to find supplies to create your own system.

Tutorial: PDF of the DIY Optogenetics Tutorial.

Files: Design files for the cavity and PCBs.


Derek Crowe from the University of Rochester Medical Center has successfully made and implanted the device. He has compiled his experience recreating the optogenetics system into this document. It includes a spreadsheet of the parts he used and assembly commentary. Thanks Derek!


Midfield Powering

A brief tutorial using a patterned metal plate array structure for midfield power transfer. Data and design files are provided below for following along with computational electromagnetics software.

Tutorial: PDF of the tutorial.

Files: Design file for the structure and tissue properties data file.


FDTD Human Body Model

Finite-difference time-domain computational model of the human body implemented in MATLAB. The body model is based on the Zubal phantom.

Files: Folder containing code and body model.