Open Positions

January 2018: We are looking for an undergraduate to help with the building of a vacuum chamber for a frugal electron microscope currently being
developed in the group of Prof. Manu Prakash. Availability required is 3-5 straight hours every month.  No prior experience necessary — we are looking for an extra pair of hands. Candidates will gain some experience with vacuum apparatuses and techniques. Helping out can lead to further involvement in the project (ex., in the form of a REU). Pay is $15 per hour.

We have a few open positions for passionate post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students. We are experimentalists with a very broad range of interests in fundamental and applied problems in soft-matter physics, cellular and organismic biology, global health and algorithmic self-assembly. We recruit from wide ranging background including biophysics, applied physics, biochemistry, biology, material science, bioengineering, chemistry, applied mathematics, mechanical, electrical and other engineering disciplines. We mostly work in lab settings, but projects sometime take us to the field. We actively explore commercialization of technologies developed in the lab.

To be a good fit in the lab, you need to share our deep passion and fascination for physics of computation, soft-matter physics, biophysics, molecules and our broad view of integrated physical biology. You should be someone who can think deeply and independently but enjoy collaborating. If you are already at Stanford, come talk to us about a rotation project.

To apply for open positions, please send the following:
1. Recent C.V. and brief list of projects/research you have been involved with.
2. A short but clear writeup stating what your interests are and why would you be a good fit in our group.
3. List of your reference letter writers. We will only contact them after asking you.
Send the above material via email to manup at stanford dot edu.