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What's new in Structure V2.2

The 2.2 release (April 2007) allows the use of dominant markers such as AFLPs (commonly used in non-model organisms) and can accommodate null alleles and other data ambiguities (Falush et al 2007). There are a few bug fixes including fixing a problem that occurred occasionally on Windows machines, causing structure to crash at seemingly arbitrary values of K. We have tidied up some aspects of the front end and C kernel. We now print out an average pairwise nucleotide distance within and between clusters, instead of the Kullback-Leibler distance which was less interpretable and less numerically stable. The new "net nucleotide distance" will facilitate drawing trees to represent the distances among clusters (see eg. Falush et al 2003 [Science]). The output format for the linkage model has been changed. We hope to release further improvements in the coming months.