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Installation notes (Windows/DOS)

After downloading the file dosstruc.zip, the first thing is to unzip it. This can be done using Winzip (on the Winzip page, click on "Download Evaluation version" for an easily installed version).

The program is run from a DOS window (go to start-> programs-> command-prompt). Once you are in the same directory as the program files, you can run the program by typing "structure" or "structure.exe". The program has been compiled using a Windows version of gcc, and the zip file contains the gcc library "cygwin1.dll" from GNU. It may be a good idea to remove this file if you already have gcc installed, because extra copies of this may confuse gcc.

Older versions of DOS/Windows have restrictions on the number of characters that can be used in file names, with the result that the parameter files "mainparams" and "extraparams" are not recognized. If you have this problem, download the regular DOS zip file, but replace the executable with this executable. Change the parameter filenames to "mainp" and "extrap", and run the program by typing "strucx".

The parameter files and output files can be edited using your favorite text editor. If you like, you can slow down the output to the screen by increasing the value of UPDATEFREQ in the file extraparams.

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