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Installation Instructions


The Windows file is an executable installation file. Double click on the icon to start the installation. You will be guided through the installation. Run the program by double clicking on the structure icon.

Unix/Linux/Mac OS X

On a Unix or Mac system, put the downloaded file into a temporary directory. Then, unzip the file ( " gzip -dc filename | tar xvf - "), where filename is the name of the downloaded file. Run the installation script by typing "./install". Upon successful installation, a structure startup script will be created, this script can also be moved into a standard directory for programs, e.g., /usr/local/bin/. To start the front end, simply execute this startup script.

Note: Except for Windows OS, we no longer distribute the Java Virtual Machine with the structure package (starting from structure Version 2.2). A Java Runtime Environment (JRE Version > 1.5.0) by Sun Microsystem is required before structure installation. The compatible JRE for various operating systems can be downloaded free from http://www.java.com/download Installation instructions for the JRE can be found on that website.

Package without front end

The downloaded files are compressed in zip files; uncompress them using "unzip [filename]" on Unix/Linux system or using winzip on windows. The zip files contain an executable and parameter files, as well as a sample data file "testdata1". The program is set up to run on these data immediately (just type "./structure" to start the program).