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MALDsoft version 1.0

MALDSoft is a program for admixture mapping of complex trait 
loci, using  case-control data.  The samples should come from a
recently-admixed  population; additional 'learning' samples from
the parental populations are  helpful. The method was described in 
a paper by Giovanni Montana  and  Jonathan Pritchard  [Abstract] [Manuscript] [Documentation]

The program also requires pre-analysis using the structure software. Due to formatting changes made in Structure V2.2, you need to prepare the input data using Structure V2.1. We plan to update Maldsoft to accomodate the changes in Structure V2.2 shortly.


We ask that you fill out a web form to register software downloads.  Executables are currently available for the following platforms.

For UNIX: [Sun], and [Linux]. These are compressed in zip files; uncompress them using "unzip [filename]". 

For DOS/Windows: [DOS/Windows]


In order to use MALDSoft, you should also download the structure 2.1 software and place this in the same directory. 

Further details

The zip files contain an executable and parameter files, as well as a sample data file "CCData". 

Questions regarding MALDsoft should be directed to Giovanni Montana at g.montana@imperial.ac.uk or to structure_help@bsd.uchicago.edu