Ways Courses in PD

All courses taken towards an undergraduate major may be used to fulfill Ways requirements. In each of the following Ways categories, courses are listed that meet the indicated requirements of the PD major.

Use this list to see what courses could be used to “double-count”, to fulfill both a Ways requirement as well as a requirement of the product design major.

Technology in Society: STS1, CLASSICS151

Art/CS Elective: ARTSTUDI162

Math: CME103, CME106, STATS60, STATS110

Eng. Fundamentals: ENGR40A

PD Depth: ME101

Art/CS Electives: many ARTSTUDI courses

Behavioral science elective: PSYCH70, PSYCH103, PSYCH155, PSYCH165

Technology in Society: ENGR131, BIOE131, ME267

Math: Most MATH, STATS, and CME courses

Science: PHYSICS 40 series, EARTHSYS10

Eng. Fundamentals: ENGR40A, ENGR40M

Technology in Society: STS1, CLASSICS151

Behavioral science: PSYCH1 (required), many PSYCH courses (for the elective requirement)

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but to at least give a starting point for determining which Ways categories may be covered by the major already.

Last updated: Winter 2018