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Extremism in America

Published 17 Sep 2010 in Extremism in America, Issue Title

Volcanic Ash Clouds European Officials’ Judgment

Published 25 Aug 2010 in Illegal Until Proven Innocent, International

On the 14th of April, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted for the second time this year. As lava reached the surface and was chilled by a glacial ice cap, it fragmented into small glass particles that were carried up more than 5 miles in the volcano’s eruption plume. Winds carried the massive ash cloud towards [...]

The Death of Profiling and Other Consequences of the Crotch Bomber

Published 01 Mar 2010 in Deflecting Slash and Burn Politics, National

What almost ended in disaster instead benefited and harmed America in indirect ways.

FCC Promises Universal Broadband Internet

Published 01 Jan 2010 in National, The Economy: Turning the Page

Though the U.S. is among the leaders of the world’s high-tech economy, it is only ranked 20th in the world in household broadband access. However, a new FCC plan could change that.

Healthcare Cooperatives: A Politically Palatable but Paltry Alternative

Published 09 Sep 2009 in Nurse Liberty: Healthcare in America, Perspective

Healthcare cooperatives are not a fundamentally poor idea; they are just a poor alternative to a government health insur­ance plan.