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Michael Albada (Content Editor)

Skeletons in the Budgetary Closet: Proposition 13 and the Stifling of the California Recovery

Published 05 Dec 2010 in Democracy Here and Abroad, National

A proposition from thirty years ago may seem irrelevant, but a systematic deficit int he California tax code has made it difficult – if not impossible – for this state to pull itself out of budget crises, and now the current economic crisis.

Testing the Eurozone: The Greek Debacle and the Future of the EU

Published 14 May 2010 in International, Progress We Can Believe In

The crisis in Greece has raised old tensions and disagreements among European leaders, but hopefully the result will further strengthen, and perhaps even redefine, the EU. This situation sparked a debate among EU governments between the two unappealing choices: they could either bail out Greece, or let it drown amidst its rising interest payments—an option that might also imperil the other troubled Eurozone members, Spain and Portugal.

The Other Economic Crisis: The Failure of Education and Its Consequences

Published 01 Mar 2010 in Deflecting Slash and Burn Politics, National

By not making it to college, these kids who should become primary-care doctors, nurses, and teachers, all professions which are sorely hurting for workers, will end up in jail, fighting America’s wars, and working endlessly in low-paying jobs with no hope of ever becoming middle class.

The European Alternatives

Published 09 Jan 2010 in International, Nurse Liberty: Healthcare in America

Many have begun to look to Europe for health care alternative. The rest of the world has something to teach us, and we should be listening.