Stanford Progressive

Lewis Marshall (Content Editor)

This Is So Not Over

Published 30 Nov 2011 in National

Lewis Marshall, a Stanford PhD student, Progressive writer, and Occupy activist, gives a personal account of his experience with the Occupy movement, and offers three hidden facts the movement brought to the fore for him.

Constructing a Meaningful Debate

Published 19 Sep 2011 in Democracy Here and Abroad, Feature

Progressive writer Lewis Marshall offers four recommendations for improving the quality of our presidential debates.

Disclosure ≠ Resolution: Academic economists and the global crisis

Published 22 Jul 2011 in Democracy Here and Abroad

In researching several of the economic crises of recent years, academic economists had undisclosed, unresolved conflicts of interest. The implication was, economists could have warned us about the risks, but they had an incentive not to look. This prompted several major universities, including Stanford, to review their ethical policies.