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Lee Jackson (Business Editor)

The Odd Couple – Treasuries and Gold

Published 20 Dec 2011 in International

In general, bonds underperform when gold outperforms due to inflation. Years like 2011, when benchmark 10-year Treasuries and gold return approximately the same amount, are fairly uncommon. So what happened this year?…

Putin Down but Not Out

Published 13 Dec 2011 in International

Current Russia PM Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party saw its support dwindle in parliamentary elections earlier this month. But Putin still has powerful odds of winning Russia’s presidential elections in March 2012…

Social Unrest and Money Printing: Is 2011 America’s New 1932?

Published 30 Nov 2011 in International, National

In the past, I often have drawn comparisons between 1932 and 2011, because in my opinion, the two years are eerily similar. Three years prior to both 1932 and 2011, the U.S. real estate market collapsed, the stock market crashed, and…

How Will Europe’s Poker Match Play Out?

Published 22 Nov 2011 in International

Currently occurring in the European Union (E.U.) is one of the highest-stakes POKER showdowns the world has witnessed. The showdown pits the European Central Bank (ECB) and Germany against the rest of the euro area…

Hearsay About Iran and U.S.-China Trade

Published 15 Nov 2011 in National

One of the top headlines regarding U.S. politics this past week was the rumor that a U.S. strike on Iran was imminent. In my opinion, the mainstream Western media over-hyped the political dynamics…

Do Leadership Changes in Europe Mark a New Phase of the Debt Crisis?

Published 15 Nov 2011 in International

Although markets calmed during the latter half of last week, policymakers are running out of time to contain the European debt crisis. The leadership of each Greece and Italy has changed, but the fiscal pictures in the two countries remain largely the same…